Chancery Court

Cases Heard in the Chancery Court

  • Domestic/family matters
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Property division
  • Adoptions
  • Alimony
  • Estates of descendants
  • Land issues (titles, contracts)
  • Emancipation (declaring a minor to be 21 for work purposes)
  • Property title confirmation
  • Property disputes (over $50,000)
  • Insurance settlements for minors
  • Commitments of mentally disabled

Mississippi Electronic Courts

Electronic filing through the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) system has been implemented for both civil and criminal cases in Pearl River County Chancery, Circuit, and County Courts. All filing, signing, verification, and service of pleadings and papers shall be made in accordance with the Administrative Procedures set forth by MEC. Please visit the MEC website or call the MEC Help Desk at 601-576-4650 to register and/or for additional information.


The Chancellors (Judges) are known as equity Judges whose area of duty involves more than narrow and rigid interpretations of laws and focuses on the protection of individual rights. The Chancellors also handle other matters, such as petitions to incorporate or enlarge a city, the establishment and management of drainage districts, children's welfare funds, and other projects.

Court Forms