Planning & Development

The Planning and Development department is a resource provided by the Board of Supervisors to maintain a forward thinking plan for growth and development in our ever changing County while preserving what makes Pearl River County great. We are committed to providing the best possible service our citizens and making Pearl River County one of the best places to live in Southern Mississippi.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Department of Planning and Development serves to promote and enhance the well-being of residents and businesses in Pearl River County by planning for growth and maintaining adopted standards for development.

The department consists of the Planning and Development, Building, and Floodplain Management Divisions and is responsible for community planning, authorizing permits for site development and building construction projects, and enforcing county building codes and ordinances.

  • Permitting and inspection of structures as required by the 2003 International Building and Residential Codes
  • Coordinate the review of all Commercial Site Plans and Subdivisions for approval by the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors
  • Enforce the requirements of the Pearl River County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance