The Addressing department is responsible for assigning and maintaining addresses for all residences and commercial businesses in Pearl River County. By using a systematic approach to addressing, first responders and emergency personnel are provided with the most accurate and up-to-date address information so they may assist residents as quickly as possible.

Responsibilities & Duties

The primary duties of the Addressing Division are:

  • Assigning new addresses
  • Verifying existing addresses
  • Processing new street name petitions
  • Processing new street names in new developments
  • Processing change of street name petitions

Obtaining an Address

To obtain an address, call this office or apply in person at one of our locations. Before applying, please determine the exact location for your new driveway, if not already present on property. The actual address issuance is dependent upon the exact location of the driveway. Therefore, before a new Address can be issued, the exact driveway location must be known.

  • We are the first step in order to obtain a building permit and are assigned in the same office.
  • Addresses are subject to change if the driveway is built in a different location than originally submitted.
  • If you are new to Pearl River County and have an existing address, please contact us to update the resident and medical information in our database. This helps emergency responders in case of a 911 call from your residence.

Per Pearl River County Ordinance

You must post your Address number at the end of your driveway and on your structure in three inch reflective numbers. Also, if you have a private road you must have a Blue Sign with White Lettering. This is for your safety to help Emergency Services locate you or your loved ones during an Emergency!

Road Naming

The assignment of all road names will be coordinated through Pearl River County Addressing office. Please contact our office to apply or for any questions on the road naming procedure.

Road Naming Criteria

  • No two roads in Pearl River County shall have the same or substantially similar sounding name.
  • Road names shall be no longer than fifteen (15) characters including spaces but excluding street suffix. 
  • Road names shall not contain special characters such as hyphens, apostrophes, or ampersands.
  • Road names shall not contain a compass direction (“East”, “West”, “North”, “South”) unless deemed necessary by this office.
  • Road names shall consist of no more than two (2) words, excluding street suffix.
  • Road names shall not consist of numbers or a single letter.
  • Road names shall not contain any street suffix set forth in USPS Publication 28 in the primary street name. Example: Oak Way Road must either be Oak Way or Oak Road.
  • Although road classifications are required, changing them does not constitute a different name. Example: Oak Way and Oak Road are considered duplicate.