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E-9-1-1 Addressing

100 S Main St
Poplarville MS 39470
Phone: (601) 403-2300 or (601) 749-7700
Fax: (601) 403-2209
Carolyn Nelson

E-9-1-1 Director

The Pearl River County E-9-1-1 Addressing Office provides the following:

We are the first step in order to obtain a building permit. You must apply with our office for new addresses.

If you are new in the county and have an existing address, please contact us to update the information in our database.


MS Code 19-5-319. The Addresses are NOT Public Record.

Per Pearl River County Ordinance 97-3: You must post your Address number at the end of your driveway and on your structure in three inch reflective numbers. Also, if you have a private road you must have a Blue Sign with White Lettering. This is for your safety for the Emergency Services to locate you or your loved ones during an Emergency!

Other Departments of Interest and their Responsibilities:

Pearl River County Tax Assessor/Collector: Property Ownership information, Real Property Location, Taxing Districts, Real Property Appraisal, Personal Property Appraisal, Homestead, Vehicles Registration (Title & Tag), Mobile Home Registration (Title), RV/Camper Registration (Title & Tag), and Privilege License for Businesses.

Pearl River County Mapping Department:Paper Maps, Digital Maps, and Digital Data (ESRI Shape Files). Information on Web Site.

Pearl River County Planning Department: Building Permits, Subdivision Regulations, & Flood Plain Manager. Information on Web Site.

Pearl River County Chancery Clerk: Official Plat Maps. Information on Web Site.